Social awareness is a major pillar of Adventism.  Walking in the foot steps of Jesus, we want to take care of those around us, in the local and global community.  Adventism is a very active community of faith that challenges all of its members to be involved on some level to fight for equality, justice, and Aide.  We want to be the kind of church that is frightened to death because we are walking on water, not just comfortable and safe inside the boat. 

As a church we seek to garner social justice participation in a myriad of ways.  Besides local church involvement, our denomination strives to meet the needs of an ever changing world by encouraging our global continents to get involved in the following ways:









*Excerpted from "L.A.-Area Missionaries Have an Earl of a Time in Beliz" published in the April 2017 issue of the Pacific Union Recorder.

When they arrived at the house, a group of kids from the neighborhood was racing each other down the block. Pastor Fedly [Bonneau] asked them if he could join in. “We raced in what I considered better than what was happening in Brazil at the Olympics,” he said. More importantly, it was a start to a friendship with kids they would minister to every night. “That was the highlight of the trip for me, being a track guy, meeting the kids where they were and ministering every night to these children,” said Jason James. “What more can you ask for?”

-The L.A. Adventist Mission Ministry team, Beliz, 2016


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