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Men's Ministries

Southern California Conference Seventh-day Adventist Men's Ministry (SCCMM) is celebrating its 17th year of Christian fellowship with men of diverse backgrounds. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, men have testified of the many blessings they have received by interacting, praying and sharing Jesus Christ with men who desire to serve the Lord.

Miraculous changes have taken place in men's personal lives, in their churches, homes and communities (Romans 10:10). Many have expressed gratitude for the blessings they experience at our annual retreats at Camp Cedar Falls. With a spirit of cooperation, the MM Executive Committee promotes various seminars. The Health Seminars for men are an educational program to teach men the benefit of practicing healthy and godly habits — emphasis on developing healthy lifestyles, in diet, sexuality, abstaining from pornography and illicit sexual behaviors unacceptable to God (Isaiah 61:1). From its inception, the ministry has provided training to encourage men to adopt principles that can enrich their lives by creating a healthy environment in the home and developing Christian men of integrity (Proverbs 19: 1).

Since its founding in 2000, SCCMM continues to focus on preparing young men from within the church and our communities to develop good Christian habits. Training is not  mandatory, but it is highly recommended to become equipped to lead others in developing character that honors God. Men of integrity are needed to fill the vacancies left behind by the seniors of the church as they walk with Christ (2 Chronicles 6:15-17). This training also engages men from diverse backgrounds, helping to develop them as Christ's servant leaders, in their homes, church, community and career.

SCCMM encourages and emphasizes developing relationships in and among men for the furthering of the gospel, and it promotes, admonishes and supports men in their walk with Jesus Christ, especially in their personal struggles. The ministry focuses on helping men seek an intimate and authentic relationship with Jesus. SCCMM's mission is to assist men in becoming or continuing as men of prayer and Christian character building, with Christ-centered families, serving our communities and becoming filled with with the Holy Spirit (John 14:16,17). Training workshops for ministry leaders are available to equip them with necessary tools through prayer and dedication (Ephesians 6: 18-19).

SCCMM is comprised of 57 groups of men of diverse backgrounds, and God is glorified (Colossians 3:16).

God bless Southern California Conference administrators for sponsoring such an inspirational, life-changing ministry!


Charles Dolcey




  • To strengthen men and young men of all our churches to grow spiritually. 
  • To strengthen the family.
  • To encourage men to be priests in their homes.
  • To emphasize Christian integrity and character building. 
  • To encourage bonding of diverse cultures to be brothers through Jesus Christ.
  • To offer hope to our young men, especially those exposed to violence and crimes.
  • To create various programs for men in the areas of health and leadership training and a convocation for men and young men.
  • To enlighten men spiritually and socially.
  • To educate our young men of the dangers they face in premarital sex and pornography.


Monthly meetings are held the second Sunday of each month.


North American Division Men's Ministries